Mohammed Ali M. Almualem Gen. Cont. Est. was established in 2000 In the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. It played a vital role in the renaissance of today's modern Kingdom, by a better solutions to meet our clients needs working along with our well known world Partners in Space Frame Covering (Polarkon Metal Structure Co Ltd, Turkey), Multiwall Polycarbonate (Poly PiU Co, Italy) systems and Technological covering for modern Skylights Shading, Buildings, roofing, cladding  and Manufacturing Agriculture Green Houses and other steel structural works. Serving a wide range of customers like Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Co. (PETRO-Rabigh), King Faisal University at Al-Hasa, Ministry of defense at Dhahran and others since long. Quality has always been the focus of Mohammed Ali M. Almualem Est. It made major effort over the years to maintain this reputation. Having its own workshops and have contributed to achieving this goal. Mohammed Ali M. Almualem Est. is making huge strides in the biggest expansion plan for its operations to be able to participate as crucially as possible in the economic revolution that the region is enjoying, in co-operation with its strategic international partners.

About the Establishment

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